Welcome to

LAIKIPIA University

Alumni Association

Jesse Ndegwa Mwangi

Message from the Chairman

I welcome you all to the Laikipia University Alumni Association. The association was formed in 2013 with the noble aim of connecting the alumni to the university and to each other, to provide valued services to members, and to support the University’s Vision – A University for Valued Transformation of Society.

Upcoming Events

LUAA Scholarship fund

LU Alumni association would like to lend a helping hand to underprivileged students, who in their pursuit of higher education are faced with financial challenges.

LUAA Mentorship Programme

The LU Alumni Mentoring Programme will provide Student Mentees access to experienced Alumni Mentors who can contribute to their professional and personal development. 

laikipia university vision

A University for Valued Transformation of Society


Alumni Students Reading Shades

Alumni association identified the need for outdoor reading spaces and initiated a students reading shed project.

Alumni Mentorship Programme

The Alumni Association appreciates the need for mentoring students by sharing their reservoir of knowledge and experiences that they have accumulated in their respective industries and to create significant and lasting impact on current students.