Laikipia University Alumni Membership

Ordinary Member

All graduates of Laikipia University since its inception as an institution of higher learning in 1990 upon payment of membership and subscription fees which shall be set by the Executive Committee and approved by members from time to time.

Life Members

Members who opt to pay a lump sum fee as will be decided by the AGM from time to time and thus will be exempted from annual subscriptions.

Associate Members

Comprise graduates of other Universities who are employees of Laikipia University, with a common interest with the Alumni and must apply to pay, upon acceptance of membership and subscription fee which shall be determined by the Executive Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting from time to time.

Special Membership

Comprise the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Principal, Deputy Principals, and all Present and past members of the teaching staff of Laikipia University, upon payment of registration fee as determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting, provided such members shall not belong to some category of other membership.

Affiliate Members

Comprise corporate bodies, NGOs and graduates of other universities with interest of identification with Laikipia University and must for this purpose have approved dealings with Laikipia University e.g. teaching, placements, collaborations etc.Such members will be required to pay registration and subscription fees as determined by the executive and passed at an Annual General Meeting.

Fellows of the Association

Comprising those Alumni who in the opinion of the Association have excelled and distinguished themselves as members of the Association. Prospective fellows of the Association shall be identified by the Executive Committees and presented to the AGM for ratification.