Our Strategic Activities are:

  • Promoting and popularize the image of Laikipia University
  • Organizing community events and activities that are of value and add interest to the LU Community at large
  • Pro-actively solicit for materials, financial and human resources in line with supporting LU reach its targets
  • Foster motivation through honoring distinguished students, staff and exemplary alumni in the society in different areas of excellence.
  • Assemble and maintain Alumni Association membership database including the publication of LU Alumni Association Newsletters and Magazines.
  • Keep accurate records of the key events and milestones of the Association
  • Liase with other Alumni associations to achieve aforementioned goals
  • Organise re-union meetings, Alumni days, football weekends, educational programmes, Alumni conferences, Campus visits, Scholars awards and Alumni Schools’ forums
  • Organize for attachment and internship for Laikipia University students in the industry

Benefits of LUAAS

  • Act as University’s special ambassadors in spreading word about the exciting opportunities in the institutions
  • Make presentations to prospective students in Kenya and abroad thereby help in marketing of the institutions and their programmes
  • Provide feedback to the institutions on their programmes and therefore help in the improvement of such programmes
  • Serve on advisory committees at the various faculties, departments, or research centres
  • Assist in enhancement of professional or personal enrichment of fellow alumni or current students
  • Share knowledge and experience with students, and inspire them
  • Assist with industrial attachment of students
  • Assist with job seeking of fresh graduates
  • Make financial contributions and donations in kind for development of institutions
  • Serve as assessors, judges, or examiners in various activities
  • Good alumni relations can act as social control through peer pressure and role modeling
  • They can contribute to more effective human resource base to support societal development by provision of good facilities for training
  • Improvement in facilities at local institution will attract highly qualified individuals who currently migrate to developed countries with such facilities